3 Ways To Find and Grow Your Social Media Audience

So, how do you find and grow your social media audience in 2019 and beyond? welcome to Satisphaction.com blog that is all about finding your success combination in the world of digital marketing. Through this blog, we share ideas, strategies, tactics, and technologies that can help you grow your business online. In this article, we’re going to share 3 ways that you can use to help you find your social media audience. If you find this article valuable, make sure to share it on your social media profiles to let other people know it’s a good piece of content.

So, one of the things social media experts at Satisphaction.com do to find our idea audience is to first find out what they are really interested in. Just because you think you know what your ideal audience is interested in doesn’t mean it’s always the case. We at Satisphaction.com have been wrong many times when it comes to finding out our target social media audience, and there are many things that we think our audience really would not care about, but we do a little video or write a blog post about, and it turns out that they really want to know more. So, then I have to do more of that. Although there’s nothing wrong with that approach, it’s time-consuming.

3 Ways To Find and Grow Your Social Media Audience

Research Your Competitors’ Social Media Content Strategy To Find Out Their Target Audience

One of the best ways to go about this is to look on your competitors’ blogs, their Facebook and Linkedin pages, their YouTube channels… look in places where you think you might find your audience and then look at the questions they’re leaving on those social media pages/channels, and you might have some good ideas right in front of you. Researching competitors’ social media content strategy is one of the proven ways experts at Satisphaction.com use to find out and grow our ideal social media audience.

Perform Hashtag analysis #

One of the things you can do to find your audience on social media is to look through hashtags. Hashtags are pretty common in most of the big social media platforms. Pinterest just recently announced that they are using hashtags and of course, it all started on Twitter and Instagram blew up with hashtags.

Now you can find clickable hashtags on YouTube, Facebook and all of the big social media players. Now, if you go through those hashtags and look and see who’s engaging with hashtags, which are related to the things you are most interested in, the things that you share about that you’re trying to become an expert in, look at those hashtags. See what hashtags people are putting in. You can actually see ‘look someone put this hashtag here but there’s a related hashtag, let’s follow those hashtags and see who is there, how people are interacting with it?’. By getting engaged with that audience who are using those specific hashtags related to your product, services, or even industry, you can find a whole new group of people that you knew existed.

Use Advertising/Paid Media To Find and Grow Your Social Media Audience

Another proven way to find your audience on social media is to actually find them using paid media/advertising. You know with each passing day, ‘audiences’ are becoming a big part of paid advertising and you can actually find people and advertise your brand to them based on their interests, what websites are they interested in. Not just that, but if you have a big competitor that you would like to grow your expertise or your authority to that level (maybe there are a few websites like that), you can actually find people who are engaged with those websites/social media pages using Google and Facebook to find audiences that would be relevant to the content that you’re producing.

So, what kind of audiences are you looking for? If you need help in finding/refining your target audience on social media, experts at Satisphaction.com are always there to help. Please fill out the form on our Contact us page or call us on the numbers given on the top-most bar of this page, and we’ll be glad to help.